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Track Name: Anchorless Bodies - Scorched Youth
Lock down to see, what’ s left inside after all these years
I have decreased the sorrow in my veins,
Growing the dream, and lost in the backwoods,
I’m open to pull this life out from the white solace.

I don’t accept the objection of, straying away from leaking the melted hearts,
settled down without you for a while, this place is all I have right now.

Bending and crippling the comfort zone that everyone created to turn away the saviour.
Our outlook is more than tensive, never let down the guard and expectancy.

I test my life and hold my breath to wonder around
If i strand my heart how long will it last?
I crated distance to save the thirst for chaos, I wanted to be aged.

Cut deep and tell those to understood. We carry the task and pass away, until amber sunlight touching my face. We must inspire while we live, we surrender all.

Oh, how I miss the warmth of my scorched youth.
Oh, how I miss the warmth of my scorched youth.
You can’t belive how I miss the warmth of my scorched youth…
Track Name: Bury What's Left - Death of the Artist
Despite the years of failure,
i still want to fly,
falling into the void,
i don't want to die.

Long dried blood rots on the canvas,
the artist is weary he's starving,
his vision blurs.

He hasn't slept for 3 days.
He hasn't eaten for a week.
He hasn't started to paint yet would death bring relief?

He wanted the world to start to move backwards.
He wanted to feel he wanted to touch.
He wanted the wind to gently stroke his face.
He felt for her love... felt for her grace...
He wanted the Earth not to be his cage.
He wanted the ground not to be his grave.
The clock is thicking it can never be stopped.
The sand in the hourglass will never stuck.
The deadline is coming closer but art is dead,
the always open mouth got silenced and fed,
with all the filth of the world,
he is tattered and torn but he will return.

Despise the years of failure,
i still want to fly,
falling into the void,
i don't want to die.

I thought that i needed to be dead...i thought that it would help...

I am fed up with all these meaningless songs.
I am fed up with always taking your side.
My wings might be broken but i will always try,
to fly away from here and despite my falls,
i get up from the floor with broken legs,
with broken heart, and broken chest,
my heart gets stronger every time,
i bleed out all my fears we shouldn't fear the fall.

Noone stays young enough to understand these words!
Noone stays young enough to learn to love the world!
Track Name: Dryvia - Hypocrite
I can't help but say
that this was so far the best
fourty five minutes of my life
We met, how better things could ever get?
When I saw you you had ridiculous glasses
just like the one you see on people who fake
that they are original
yet they are very much alike

An apple round as a triangle
A cube, these are very basic figures

We were walking down the road
With some friends

One of them said that you have beautiful legs
In case everyone liked the way you looked
I was worried if you and your classmates took some drugs
Cause they said that i look like Kurt Cobain

No, I'm not blonde and my eyes aren't blue
No some things are not blue

You know that I would love you
cause you're just as a hypocrite like me
And you know that I would give you
Ohh everything everything you don't need